Woman Doesn’t Give Boyfriend the Code to Her Jewelry Safe, Asks if She’s Wrong


Trust is the foundation of every relationship – be it romantic, friendly, between coworkers, etc. Naturally, where there is trust, there is honesty, open communication, and respect between all parties. However, having confidence in your partner can be challenging, especially if you have noticed some red flags that might indicate that this is not a trustworthy person.

Case in point, Reddit user u/safegfthrowaway recently shared the story of how she refused to give her partner the code to her safe. The 32-year-old woman found herself in a sticky situation, so she asked for advice from Reddit – and Reddit responded.

Namely, she shared that she’s a gemologist and she had acquired a respectable collection of precious metals and stones that she stores in a safe. She’s the only one that knows the code of the safe, so when her boyfriend asked her to tell him the code, she refused. He then blamed her of not trusting him, which is why she shared the story on Reddit in the first place. Check it out for yourself, and feel free to share who you believe the a-hole here is.


The story blew up, and many people shared their opinions. However, Reddit almost unanimously voted that the woman is not the a-hole here, and that she’s absolutely not in the wrong. Her boyfriend has no need nor right to know the code, and there are possible red flags that she should watch out for.

Source: Bored Panda