Stay-At-Home Mom Furious At Husband For Booking Her An Economy Ticket And 1st Class For Himself And Friend


It’s no brainer that when you are flying out on holiday with your partner you book two seats next to each other. After all, when couples go on a vacation, it means spending some quality time together, so it’s understandable why this stay-at-home mom (who btw is raising 3 kids) was furious when her husband booked her an economy ticket and 1st class tickets for him and his buddy. This behavior definitely sends out some mixed signals and she has every right to feel unappreciated and not as important as his friend.

It was no wonder she felt hurt and disrespected and we can understand why she called him out in the AITA subreddit

. In case you are wondering her husband could afford another 1st class ticket but deliberately decided to get her an economy one.

People definitely had mixed feeling about it. Some suggested that the husband is having a clandestine relationship with his friend, while others believed that this is most likely a toxic relationship. Whatever it is, it’s clear that they need to sit down and revaluate their relationship.

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