Unemployed Husband ‘Steals’ $1,000 From Wife’s To Get Massages, She Demands The Money Back


We’ve all heard the wedding vows, when you agree to love your spouse ‘for better or for worse’, no matter what. However, statistics show that the biggest problem in most marriages root in money problems, and they’re a huge factor in most divorces.

The stress that goes along with financial struggles can bring out the worst in people, especially if only one of the partners is doing all the working, and the other one is solely focused on spending.

Case in point, one Redditor recently decided to take it to the Am I The A-hole subreddit and asked if she was in the wrong for demanding her husband to pay her $1,000 he spent behind her back. She shared that she recently found that her unemployed husband has been stealing her credit card to have pricey massages while she works to provide everything for the family despite being pregnant.


Check out the story for yourself below and feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comment section.

Although Reddit unanimously voted that the woman is absolutely not the a-hole here, many people were actually worried that her husband might be cheating on her, regarding the $250 massage sessions that he ‘absolutely must have’. Well, that’s on her to find out, but he definitely stole from her, and he had no right to do it. NTA.