Fifth Grader Writes ‘Rules and Regulations’ Note To Boy And Its A Masterclass On Consent


Kids should be taught about setting boundaries and consent from a very young age – and we can all learn from this fifth grader named Zoë. She wrote down a set of rules for a boy at her school named Noah to follow, and one of the rules says ‘do not speak to me’. All of the rules are on point, and the note also includes instructions and illustrations with do’s’ and don’t’s.

Zoë titled the note ‘Rules and Regulations’, and she even drew a line to set the tone of intent. The note found its way on the Internet when it was shared on Twitter by user Cydni Jenkins.

We must admit that Zoë’s rules rule, and we should all take notes and try to implement them in our lives.

All of Zoë’s rules are on point, and there’s no ambiguity for those that are breaking laws at Zoë’s court. No sir.

This is what she said if someone breaks any of her rules: “If you break any of these rules, I’m calling my dad, my mom’s friend, my fake mom, and a janator (don’t mind my spelling) I know!!!”

When it comes to setting boundaries and consent we must admit that Zoë isn’t messing around. At the end one thing is for sure, Noah got the message, loud and clear.

The tweet racked up more than 10k likes, and this is what people had to say about Zoë’s rules and regulations.

Source: Upworthy