This Is How Breastfeeding Actually Works, And Its Mind-blowing


Regardless if you’re breastfeeding or not, we believe you should see this video.
Although some people try to put the blame on moms that are not breastfeeding, the reality is that everyone’s circumstances are different, and you shouldn’t explain to anyone why you do or don’t breastfeed your baby.

And yes, breastfeeding is awesome. I mean, the woman’s body produces food to feed her baby – isn’t that mind-blowing?

Well, a recent CGI video depicting the whole process in a simple and clear way has recently gone viral – and for all the right reasons. It gives an internal view of what’s happening when a woman breastfeeds a baby as the baby latches on. Namely, when the baby suckles, a signal is sent to the mother’s brain, and the signal prompts the release of the hormone prolactin, which stimulates milk production in the alveoli and oxytocin – which stimulate the muscles around the alveoli to push the milk into the milk ducts.


The process is simply mesmerizing, and we invite you to check out the video for yourselves below.

The video was shared by Twitter user @JulioFdez79, and it got the attention of thousands of people. However, this is just the mechanics of breastfeeding. In reality, there’s much more to it. For example, the flavor of the breastmilk changes depending on what the person that’s breastfeeding eats. So, the baby gets different tastes very early in its life. Moreover, the breastmilk can even change color, ranging from yellow and white to pink, green, and even blue.

Wow. Our bodies are truly amazing!

Source: Upworthy